UV LED Cast cure process

What is UV LED cast and cure process?

UV LED CAST CURE is a method to create microstructure (such as holographic effect, optical effect and so on)on printed film or paper through a UV LED curing process. UV LED cast cure process is a simple technical method to help our clients increase more eyes catch design on the products. Compared with traditional UV cast, DPL UV LED technology to provide better production efficiency and lower cost.

How does UV LED CAST CURE Work?

UV LED cast cure also use an embossed holographic cast film (normally it’s BOPP film) as holographic master. The different between nickel master and cast film, it’s cast film cannot provide “deep solution” hologram feature. It means most UV LED Cast cure process only be used as “decoration”.

The general process includes two nip rolls, one is called as a master cylinder on which have holographic or other microstructure feature, and the other is pressure rubber roller. When film or paper passes through these two pressure, the holographic image on the master cylinder will be cast on the surface of film or paper. The UV LED curing lamp will dry UV LED lacquer on film or paper after the casting process, so holographic or other microstructure will be on the surface as well. Compared with traditional UV cast and cure process, UV LED curing system use typical single wavelength, for example, 395nm or 385nm, which is easier pass through film if the lamp is installed on the back side of the film. Also LED curing system uses cold light source so curing temp is also lower than Traditional UV lamp. Because LED lacquer is a single wavelength so it will not be dried by visible light.


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  1. It is used in the screen printing process, where UV curing systems are used to polymerize images on screen-printed products, ranging from T-shirts to 3D and cylindrical parts. It is used in fine instrument finishing (guitars, violins, ukuleles, etc.), pool cue manufacturing and other wood craft industries.

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