uv led lamp head

Low-cost UV LED Lamp head

DPL Low-cost UV LED Lamp head is on market now

Low-cost doesn’t mean low-quality

There is no doubt that our Low-cost UV LED lamp head is cheaper than other DPL Lamp. But this is not caused by using cheaper quality material but better design.

As a Danish company, quality means everything for us. Experienced DPL Engineers help you by improving your curing quality and modify your old machine to produce modern high-value products.

DPL use the same bottom part for this type UV lamp head and LED lamp, so our clients can easily switch from UV light source to the LED light source. This process not only reduces our production cost but also the sales price. For example, one 265mm UV lamp head only cost EUR2600 on EXW DPL Denmark.

What is the advantage of DPL UV Lamp head?

  • 2-in-1 Lamp head: This UV LED Lamp head is designed for our clients who want to reduce their purchasing cost to exchange their UV lamp to LED Lamp. This lamp head can be easily switched from UV Lamp to LED lamp by exchange the bottom part of the lamp head.
  • Still a cold UV lamp head:

For most UV printer or UV curing process user, one of the biggest problems is the high curing temperature. Because when a UV lamp is turned on, more than 60% energy output is IR. Therefore, the UV lamp can reach over 1600C degree. As you know, most printing or coating base materials are paper or film. Neither of them can bear so high temperature.

As all the other DPL UV Lamps. With our pattern design of lamp head, DPL Cold UV lamp heads’ curing temperature is only 5-10 C degree higher than your printing materials at 100m/min.

  • Longer work lifetime: over 1 million times shut on/off
  • Higher UV energy output