uv led ink testing system by DPL

What is High-speed UV LED ink ?

High-speed UV LED Ink is the most important fact affect your printing quality and efficiency.  Well-formulated inks ensure continued print quality, system uptime reliability, and high productivity without user intervention.

What is UV LED ink?

Compared with traditional UV ink, UV LED inks only active for typical wavelength. Because of special consideration of photoinitiators and pigments
in the ink formulation, which only matches the spectral output of
the LED lamps. These special photoinitiators absorb at a higher
wavelength as opposed to traditional photoinitiators and are
typically more expensive. The spectral output of a LED lamp to
cure UV LED inks is very narrow, 365 – 405 nm, as compared to
a UV mercury system which operates from 200 – 700 nm range.

What is UV LED Curing?

Because of the limited spectral wavelength, UV LED primarily
operates in the UV-A zone and considered to be ‘safe’ because
it is closest to visible light. However, prolonged exposure to
this energy can be dangerous. The UV-B and much of the
UV-C spectrums of light are primarily used for germicidal and
sterilization purposes. The light produced at these wavelengths are
not only harmful to microorganisms but are also dangerous to
humans and other forms of life that may come in contact with it.
These lamps should always be shielded and never viewable to
the naked eye, even though it may appear that little or no light is
emanating from the device. Exposure to these wavelengths may
cause skin cancer and temporary or permanent vision loss or

How does high-speed UV LED ink work?

Compared with traditional UV lamp, UV LED lamp only active on typical wavelength. However,  it doesn’t mean UV LED ink need less UV energy for curing. You can see from the following picture of our UV LED Ink testing report, good DOSIS energy will help for improving curing speed and quality. Therefore, we have confidence that even use the same UV LED ink, DPL high power UV LED curing system can cure faster and better.


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