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Is your UV lamp safe?- Harmful ozone

Is your UV lamp safe?

In modern industry, more and more people pay attention to how to produce “safe product” with the green process.  For example, you can find more and more organic markets in our city.  Back to our  printing and coating industry, more and more people are thinking about how to reduce pollute, one of the good ways is using more green source instead of difficulty recycled material, such as in printing and coating process, use UV lamp as drying source instead of heating source, because UV light or LED light drying source can cure the ink in very short time.

Harmful Ozone

Is your UV lamp safe? I believe that you have the experience when you walk into a UV printing production in China, or when you visit a printing machine exhibition, you can smell “Rotten egg”. That is Ozone smell.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warns that although ozone in the stratosphere protects us from harmful UV radiation, low-level ozone is dangerous. Infants, children, and those with respiratory problems may be in particular danger.

How UV lamp produce Ozone?

Before we try to solve this harmful ozone problem, we need to find out how UV lamp produces ozone.  UV light includes different wavelength light from UVA to UVC. When UVC hits oxygen (O2) molecules, it produces ozone.

With our patent design of UV lamp house, DPL UV curing lamp system is an “Ozone free” system. See the following video, which will introduce you how to design an ozone-free system. https://youtu.be/da91R4fhq7M

DPL UV Lamphouse uses a closed design house construction. Therefore after you close the house, UV light will not touch outside air.Also, there is only very low-density air inside lamphouse, very low-density ozone will be produced when you just close the lamphouse, which is proofed by Denmark and European Industry. It means that our client doesn’t need to install expensive “ozone exhaust” system, their worker can work in a clean “Ozone free ” production.


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